HSN Code and GST Rate of Live Animal, Bovine & Poultry

Chapter 1 – HSN Code and GST Rates for Live Animals – Horses, Assess, Live Swine, Live sheep and goats, live poultry, other live animals such as mammals, birds and insects.

The GST rate is 0 to 12%. Check the following table for HSN Codes and GST Rates.

HSN CodeItems/ServicesRate (%)w.e.f
0101Live asses, mules and hinniesNIL28/06/2017
0102Live bovine animalsNIL28/06/2017
0103Live swineNIL28/06/2017
0104Live sheep and goatsNIL28/06/2017
0105Live poultry, that is to say, fowls of the species Gallus domesticus, ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea fowls.NIL28/06/2017
0106Other live animal such as Mammals, Birds, InsectsNIL28/06/2017
01012100Live horses1228/06/2018
010129Live horses1228/06/2017

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