GST Rates & HSN Codes of Nickels

Chapter 75 – GST Rates and HSN Codes of Nickels

The GST rate on Nickels is 18%. Check the following GST Rate Table.

The HSN Codes are listed from 7501 to 7508. Check the following GST Rates & HSN Code chart.

GST Rates and HSN Codes of Nickels

HSN CodeItems/ServicesRate (%)w.e.f.
7501Nickel mattes, nickel oxide sinters and other intermediate products of nickel metallurgy1828/06/2017
7502Unwrought nickel1828/06/2017
7503Nickel waste and scrap1828/06/2017
7504Nickel powders and flakes1828/06/2017
7505Nickel bars, rods, profiles and wire1828/06/2017
7506Nickel plates, sheets, strip and foil1828/06/2017
7507Nickel tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings (for example, couplings, elbows, sleeves)1828/06/2017
7508Other articles of nickel1828/06/2017

Here GST rates on Nickels means as follows:

  • IGST 5% (SGST 2.5% + CSGT 2.5%)
  • IGST 12% (SGST 6% + CGST + 6%)
  • IGST 18% (SGST 9% + CGST 9%).
  • IGST 28% (SGST 14% + CGST 14%)
  • IGST 3% (SGST 1.5% + CGST 1.5%)

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