GST Rates & HSN Codes 2017

The page is exclusively for GST Rates and HSN Codes. You should click on particular chapter to check all gst rates along with HSN Codes of particular items.

GST Rates ChaptersGST Items Groups
Chapter 1Live Animal, Bovine & Poultry
Chapter 2Meat & Edible Offal of Animals
Chapter 3Fish Meat & Crustaceans
Chapter 4Eggs, Money, Milk, Curd and Cream
Chapter 5Animal Products
Chapter 6Live Trees & Plants ( Omitted)
Chapter 7Vegetables
Chapter 8Dry Fruits and Fruits
Chapter 9Tea, Coffee and Spices
Chapter 10Grains
Chapter 11Wheat, Cereals, Flours, Malts
Chapter 12Seeds, Soya Beans, Ground Nuts, Parts of Plants
Chapter 13Heeng, Gums, Lac, Vegetables Saps & Extracts
Chapter 14Vegetable Products & Material
Chapter 15Fats, Oils and Waxes
Chapter 16Sausages of Meat, Meat Offal
Chapter 17Jaggery, Sugar, Honey & Bubble Gums
Chapter 18Cocoa Products & Chocolates
Chapter 19Cake, Bread, Waffles, Pizza and Pasta
Chapter 20Fruits, Nuts, Juices and Edible Plants
Chapter 21Tea and Coffee Essence and Extracts
Chapter 22Water and Drinks
Chapter 23Pallets, Meals and Flours
Chapter 24Tabacco, Cigar, Cigarettes
Chapter 25Salts and Sands
Chapter 26Ores and Slags
Chapter 27Bio Gas, Coal, Fuel & Petroleum
Chapter 28Gases & Non Metals
Chapter 29Menthol & Gibberellic
Chapter 30Pharmaceuticals & Drugs
Chapter 31Fertilizers
Chapter 32Tanning & Colouring Items
Chapter 33Beauty Items & Essentials Oils
Chapter 34Soaps, Polish, Waxes Items
Chapter 35Gelatin, Enzymes, Whey, Straches
Chapter 36Gun Powder, Matches, Detonators, Explosives
Chapter 37Photographic Plates, Adhesives, Paperboard
Chapter 38Fungicides, Herbicides, Gum
Chapter 39Gloves, Plastic, Polysters, Cellulose
Chapter 40Rubber, Belt, Plates, Sheets
Chapter 41Raw Hides, Skins, Leather
Chapter 42Suit Cases, Vanity Cases, Trunks
Chapter 43Tanned or Dresses Fur Skins
Chapter 44Jute Fibre, Fuel Wood, Wood Charcoal
Chapter 45Waste Cork, Natural Cork, Agglomerated Cork
Chapter 46Plaints, Loofah, Basketwork
Chapter 47Pulps of Fibers, Woodpulp
Chapter 48Uncoated Paper, Newsprint, Paperboard
Chapter 49Newspaper, Brochures, Printed Books, Calendar
Chapter 50Yarn Waste, Woven Fabrics, Silk Worm Cocon
Chapter 51Animal Hairs, Wool Materials & Waste
Chapter 52Woven Fabrics, Paper Yarn, Jute Fibres
Chapter 53Woven Fabric, Cotton Yarn, Khadi Yard, Gandhi Topi
Chapter 54Artificial & Synthetic Filament Yarn
Chapter 55Artificial Filament Tow & Fiber
Chapter 56Napkins, Towels, Yarn, Materials, Ropes
Chapter 57Carpets & Other Textile Floor Coverings
Chapter 58Woven Pile, Gauze, Tulles, Narrow Woven Fabrics
Chapter 59Textile Fabrics, Tyre Cord, Textile Wall Covering, Textile Products and Articles
Chapter 60Wrap Knit, Tarry & Croched Fabrics
Chapter 61Men & Women Clothing
Chapter 62Clothing Accessories
Chapter 63Bedsheets & Blankets
Chapter 64Footwear Products
Chapter 65Hats & Hats Accessories
Chapter 66Umbrellas, Waling Sticks, Parts, Trimming
Chapter 67Wigs, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, False Beards
Chapter 68Stones & Building Materials
Chapter 69Blocks, Bricks, Ceramics & Fossils
Chapter 70Mirrors, Glasses & Flasks
Chapter 71Diamonds, Pearls, Gold, Platinum, Jewellery & Coins
Chapter 72Wasters & Ferro Alloys
Chapter 73Piles, Iron Tubes, Sheets
Chapter 74Alloys, Foils, Tubes & Copper Mattes
Chapter 75Nickles
Chapter 76Aluminium and Sheets
Chapter 78Sheets & Lead Rods
Chapter 79Zinc Rods & Plats
Chapter 80Sheets & Tin Rods
Chapter 81Scrap, Wires, Bars, Rods
Chapter 82Agricultural Implements
Chapter 83Metal Bindings, Keys, Bells, Clasps
Chapter 84Industrial Machinery
Chapter 85Electronics Items & Electrical Parts
Chapter 86Rail Locomotives Parts
Chapter 87Tractors & Motor Vehicles
Chapter 88Drigibles, Gliders, Gears, Balloons, Parachutes
Chapter 89Boats & Cruise Ships
Chapter 90Apparatus, Binoculars, Chemical, Astronomy, Instruments of Medical
Chapter 91Clocks & Watches
Chapter 92Musical Instruments
Chapter 93Military Firearms & Weapons
Chapter 94Bedding, Lighting & Furniture
Chapter 95Sports Goods, Children Toys, Table & Board Games
Chapter 96Lighter, Toiletries & Pencil
Chapter 97Decorative, Sculptures & Paintings
Chapter 98Medicines, Drugs & Lab Chemicals